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The residence visa in Brazil for digital nomads


With the Law 13.445, of 24 May 2017, Brazil has changed its immigration philosophy. This law replaces a 1981 law, which main concern about immigration was the national security. The new philosophy regarding immigration is the protection of human rights. Thus, since 2017, the regulations that are enacted rather facilitate the obtaining of visas. For example, it is now possible to obtain a residence visa while already present in Brazil. Before it was necessary to collect the visa at the Consulate of Brazil of the country of origin of the applicant.

On 24.01.2022, the Normative Resolution n. 45 of the National Immigration Council was published, which organizes the granting of residence visas in Brazil for digital nomads.


Digital Nomad is defined in Art. 1 § 1º as «immigrant who, remotely and with the use of information and communication technology, is able to carry out his professional activities in Brazil on behalf of a foreign employer» (Art.1 §º 1er).


The maximum duration of the visa is one year, renewable. It is possible to apply for the visa directly on the territory of Brazil.


To obtain the visa, several documents and information must be provided, including (i) the employment or services agreement attesting to the employment relationship with a foreign employer; (ii) the demonstration that the services can be provided remotely through information and communication technology; (iii) a minimum monthly income of USD 1,800.00, obtained abroad, or a minimum bank deposit of USD 18,000.00.


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