Gesica, the lawyer’s network which put in service of Clients their legal capital 

Our history

The power of a network serving individuals, SMEs and institutional clients. GESICA was created by Michel Peisse in 1978, reflecting the determination of around one hundred law firms to work together. From the outset its aim has been to respond to every issue experienced by its clients. Today the network brings together nearly 200 firms and over 2,000 lawyers (avocats), partners and employees, sharing expertise in Paris, across France and internationally to provide a high-quality service tailored to the requirements of all our cases.

Our organisation

We select our member firms carefully to guarantee consistent quality. Firms enter our network by means of a predetermined pathway which enables us to check their expertise and that they share our values. When a firm submits an application, we make enquiries with their local professional contacts, to inform the opinion of our Executive Committee. And we take a final decision only after holding an integration workshop.  

Our expertise and our values


The network shares strong values and benefits from a rich variety of expertise which creates a naturally client-focused dynamic.  At a time when the digital revolution is transforming the established economic and social order, GESICA’s lawyers are organising, strengthening their presence across all areas of France and internationally, sharing their expertise and developing a range of specialisations in order to bring their clients ever-more secure and practical advisory and litigation solutions. Some of our lawyers have also developed specific individual areas of expertise (the law on skiing, on drones, on wine etc.) and specialisms which contribute even further to the wealth of expertise in our network.

Shared expertise

Our client commitment brings real added value

Service to our clients is at the heart of GESICA’s approach and our values.  Our lawyers have built relationships of trust and they share their expertise when they work on cases together. They are accessible to clients and work closely with them. Continuing development of expertise is a priority, with active participation in regular regional meetings also enabling facilitation of exchange of best practice and support for the performance of the whole network through tailored training programmes (technical training, management of the practice, etc.) The network also promotes service quality by offering its members high added-value tools, such as direct access to the full range of publications by DALLOZ (the leading French legal publisher) and to an intranet with a wealth of useful information on good professional practice and internal communications.   

Our key statistics

We have been cultivating close relationships with our clients for more than 20 years and our policy of international expansion leads us to welcome new firms every year, so facilitating client development and making it even more secure.  

Our international legal coverage


“Wherever there are legal rights, there is a GESICA lawyer”
The GESICA network delivers thousands of high-quality legal services throughout the world every day. We are established throughout France and the main European cities, as well as in Africa, North and South America and Asia. Our lawyers, French and foreign, thus have access to recognised expertise, on which they can rely with complete confidence.


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